RelevantKnowledge Releases Web Report 2.0

RelevantKnowledge introduced Web Report 2.0, an improved online, interactive application that delivers a set of media analysis and planning tools directly to customers desktops.

These real-time Java-enabled tools, which access RelevantKnowledge’s
quantitative panel-based behavioral data, allow customers to more effectively
position themselves in the competitive online marketplace, evaluate Web media
plans prior to execution, and make more efficient advertising buys, the
company said.

“RelevantKnowledge Web Report 2.0 is the direct result of our close relationship and communication with our customers,” said Tim Cobb, president of RelevantKnowledge.

Web Report 2.0 allows users to designate one of the following as input for querying the RelevantKnowledge database: a single site or set of sites; numerous demographic break(s); other reach, composition, frequency and duration measures.

The Web Report’s “Web Calculator” generates unduplicated and duplicated audience statistics. It allows customers to compare several sites across a single demographic and calculate both the unduplicated and duplicated audience across chosen sites by multiple reach and frequency metrics.

The “Demographic Compass” can pinpoint the ideal site on which to reach a specific demographic group. Users can run a query based on one or multiple demographic breaks to understand which sites are optimal.

Web Report’s “Site Profiler” allows an in-depth look by selected demographic categories of a specific site or network of sites. And its “Reach & Frequency Calculator” complements the Site Profiler by allowing a full investigation of a specific demographic group, such as income from $75,000-$99,999/year or females 18-24.

This tool also determines the extent of site visitors’ involvement and/or loyalty to the site across various frequency and duration metrics. Pricing was not disclosed.

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