Report: 44 Million Adults Now using Internet

Approximately 44 million U.S. adults–23% of the adult
population–currently use the Internet, according to the Spring 1998 Cyber
Stats report
from Mediamark Research Inc. in New

This represents a 260% increase in the six years that MRI has been tracking
America’s use of cyberspace.

“Whether at home or at the workplace, the Web audience has grown at
double-digit rates for each of the past six years,” said Alain Tessier,
chairman and
chief executive officer of MRI. “This has been especially true over the past
three years, with 35% more U.S. households owning PCs.”

Interestingly, the study found that at-home usage of the Internet had trailed
the workplace until two years ago. Now at-home usage exceeds the workplace by
26%. Some 27.6 million people are estimated to have accessed the Net from home
versus 20.4 million from work.

MRI said it is able to distinguish between at-home and at-work usage because
its surveys are conducted face-to-face in respondents’ homes, with no
intrusion into the workplace.

The results from Spring 1998 Cyber Stats are from an average 30-day period
within the survey time frame (March 1997-February 1998).

“Consumers are incorporating the Internet into their daily home media habits,
as evidenced by the increasing number of residential users,” said Scott
Turner, vice president of regional sales for MRI. “For the past two years,
access to and use of the Web at home has outpaced use of the Internet at

Other findings include:

  • Men still use the Internet and online services more than women (54% vs.
    46%), but the growth rate of women has been steadily rising while male use
    has been declining since 1995.
  • The largest sector–about 49%–of adult users are ages 35-54. Younger
    adults, ages 18-34, represent 43% of users.
  • In terms of household income, the largest group of users (32.5%) falls
    within the category of $75,000-$149,000.

MRI collects and analyzes information on consumer demographics, product
and brand usage, and exposure to all forms of advertising media. MRI said its
data is used by magazines, television and other media, by some 450
advertising agencies.

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