Report: Little Correlation Between CTR and Conversion Rates

A new industry report says that click rates have little value as indicators
for return on investment (ROI) optimization because their correlation to
conversion rates is so low.

The report from AdKnowledge says that only 14.3 percent of the
time is the ad with the highest click rate in a campaign also the ad with the
highest conversion rate. (Conversion rate is considered to be the rate at
which people are converted from a view of an ad on the Web to a desirable
action on an advertiser’s site, like a sale or registration).

“There has been a lot of talk lately about declining click rates,” said
AdKnowledge Vice President Steve Findley. “This new data proves that Web
advertisers who are just looking at click rates are missing the bigger

“The Web is fast becoming a more sophisticated advertising medium. Because
it’s so measurable, data mining will be increasingly used by smart marketers
to optimize current campaigns and point the way towards more efficient
campaigns in the future.”

Other data from the quarterly report shows that when selecting the best Web
sites for a campaign based on click rates and not conversion rates, there is
a 50/50 chance of choosing incorrectly.

The report shows online advertising rates continued to decline in the second
quarter. In the first quarter, average CPM cost was $34.96, while the average
CPM cost in the second quarter was $34.23.

AdKnowledge’s Online Advertising Report is a compilation of Web advertising
statistics analyzed by AdKnowledge eAnalytics, which provides insight into
online brand awareness and purchase behavior.

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