Report: TV, PC Get Equal Time

Simultaneous use of PCs and television is on the rise, according to Media Metrix, which said that nearly
half of all Windows PC households (47 percent, compared to 40 percent a year ago) have a
television set in the same room as the PC, with both running simultaneously.

And that’s despite the move toward convergence of television and PCs–the
increased availability of TV tuners for PCs and driver support of TV Tuners in
Windows 98, according to Media Metrix’ 1998 HardScan Volume II report.

The current semiannual metering and survey of 10,000 U.S. households from
Media Metrix’ HardScan report indicated that out of the 35 million households
that own Windows PCs, 17.3 million have their PCs and television set in the
same room. Furthermore, 16.4 million Windows PC households have the television
turned on at the same time the PC is in use in the same room.

The report said that 12 million households use their PC and have the
television on at the same time more than 25% of the time, which shows that all
those TV ads that mention Web addresses may be on the right track.

The Media Metrix Technology Group provides data from an on-going effort to
electronically scan and monitor actual PC usage and ownership in a
demographically balanced sample of households. The PCs in these households are
equipped with Media Metrix’ proprietary, patented PC Meter software, which
runs continuously to track real-time PC usage.

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