SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing Changes Name To ZuluMedia

SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing changed its name to ZuluMedia Inc. in conjunction with the introduction of a full-service Internet advertising solutions initiative.

The new name follows the takeover by ZULU-tek, and “reflects
the company’s redefined approach to providing its clients with the most
comprehensive Internet advertising tools and solutions in the areas of
technology, electronic commerce and sponsored programming and content.”

“This is a very exciting time for all of us at the company–and a real
moment of opportunity,” said Kevin Rogers, President of ZuluMedia. “It’s an
opportunity to leverage the tremendous value of what has been built in the
products and organization and move forward with energy and focus.”

In other company news, Steve Lair, CEO of Zulu-tek, will sit on the board of
directors of ZuluMedia. Kevin R. Rogers has assumed the role of president and
CEO of ZuluMedia.

The company saw a large-scale defection of execs and employees after the takeover, as both SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing’s founder and CEO departed, after which its European staff left to establish their own company, InterAd.

ZuluMedia represents the consolidation of SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing Inc.
and echoMEDIA Inc.

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