Solbright Updates Dispatch to v3.0

Digital media solutions provider Solbright Inc. delivered Dispatch 3.0,
with new capabilities to validate rich media ads before sending campaigns to

Dispatch is an open XML-based online advertising management system for
interactive agencies that organizes, administers and automates the online
media buying, trafficking and reporting process.

With the introduction of rich media testing capabilities, an interactive
agency can streamline the ad submission process by accessing site-specific
production specifications and rules.

Dispatch 3.0 maintains a database of Web
sites and stores information regarding their specific requirements such as
media type, ad file size, dimensions, etc., validating the ads against this

“We have responded to the industry’s call for a more efficient way to process
rich media ads and more efficiently manage online campaigns,” said Key
Compton, chief executive officer of Solbright.

“Dispatch 3.0 enables interactive agencies to
deliver more sophisticated rich media campaigns and eliminates human error in
the process of bringing ads live.”

Dispatch is an online service that improves workflow processes by simplifying
the buying, trafficking and reporting process for online media.

It handles
everything from planning the buys to validating the creatives, creating
insertion orders, tracking contacts, generating useful reports, collecting
historical data, and enhancing client communications.

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