SOLD! Auction Site Launches TV Campaign

The National Auction Co. LLC in Baltimore launched a television advertising
campaign designed to reach new and larger audiences for SOLD!, the company’s catalog and online
auction program.

“This new television ad campaign informs the consumer that shopping with SOLD!
is simple, rewarding and fun,” said Ira Green, president and CEO of National
Auction. “To expand our program, the company has developed a synergetic media
campaign to reach larger audiences through television advertising, regular
special events, Internet auctions and direct marketing.”

SOLD!’s 30-second television spot explains “how the program guarantees the
lowest possible prices,” the company said. Spending was not disclosed.

The ad campaign coincides with the opening of the latest 10-day catalog and
online auction, from 9 a.m. March 19 to 11 p.m. March 28. More than 150 brand
new items are being offered. Products range from electronics, computers and
vacations to home appliances, furniture, athletic equipment and jewelry.

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