Spam Recycling Center Delivers One-Million Spams to Feds president and Spam Recycling Center
(SRC) founder Ian Oxman delivered one million spams to Congressman Gary
Miller, sponsor of the “Can Spam Act.”

Miller will deliver those spams to a representative of the Federal Trade
Commission during a congressional hearing. The focus of the press conference
Tuesday as the flood of pornographic spam hitting e-mail accounts daily.

“Congressman Miller, I hope that these one million spams will help you
illustrate to the other committee members the important of quick action on
the spam problem,” said Oxman.

“Unless the federal government gives e-mail
users the tools they need to protect themselves, this problem will only grow.”

“Spam e-mails with adult content are flooding e-mail boxes across the
Internet,” said Oxman. “Every parent should be concerned about the
solicitations that are appearing on their home computers.”

Most disturbing were e-mails from “sticky” Web sites that deliver adult
content even after the user chooses not to enter the site, he said.

“Some of these sites being advertised will capture your computer screen with
just one click on a hyperlink,” said Oxman. “The user is lured to a front
page and when they try to back out, pop-up consoles capture the users browser
and flood the computer screen with graphic pornographic images.”

The Spam Recycling Center is a volunteer grassroots public education and
anti-spam effort to fight unsolicited commercial e-mail.

The SRC is a
sponsored by, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
and the Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email.

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