Spinner.com Signs Four Advertisers for ActiveAudio Ads

Spinner.com, a streaming music site,
said it
signed four charter sponsors–Amazon.com, QSound Labs, the Audio Book
Club and Warner Brother –for its rich media ActiveAudio banner program.

Spinner.com said its proprietary ActiveAudio ads
give advertisers the ability to speak directly–literally–to its audience
during the site’s audio programming. At the same time, Spinner.com said it
will expose users to a banner advertisement, “in effect reaching the sought-
after Internet music audience with an entirely new, more effective multimedia
ad package.”

“The banner and audio combination is incredibly effective,” said Riley
McDonough, executive vice president of sales and commerce at the company.

“. . . Spinner.com has created a seamless combination of in-stream audio and
visual banners. . . that run adjacent to our music programming to give
an impactful experience that will drive an advertiser’s desired behavior like
nothing before. Finally the Web has an ad vehicle–a ‘clutter buster’–that
realizes the promise and the potential of the Internet,” he said.

When Spinner.com listeners hear ActiveAudio, they are encouraged to click on a
corresponding banner for additional information on the product. The banner
runs beyond the length of the audio advertisement (audio ads are offered as
:15 to :30 avails), and remains for the entire length of the song following
the ad.

“Our users are comfortable with high-quality multimedia,” said Bob McLauchlan,
director of marketing for QSound Labs, an advanced 3D audio technology
company. “Spinner allows us to reach and appeal to a targeted audience with
both great audio and interactive banners, without interrupting their work or

Spinner.com, formerly TheDJ.com, said it broadcasts more than one million
songs per day on more than 100 unique channels.

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