Streaming Media Ad Group Sets Goals

The Streaming Media Advertising Advisory Council (SMAAC), a group that has
sprung up to tackle the issues facing advertising in streaming audio and
video, held its first meeting this week, and set audience measurement,
effective ad models, and ad serving as its first priorities.

The group, like the IAB‘s Wireless
Advertising Association, hopes to set standards for the developing medium
as a means to encourage growth. Although the members of the steering
committee have already been chosen, the group is welcoming inquiries about
joining the group and asking those interested to e-mail [email protected].

“The issues SMAAC is addressing will determine how this multi-billion
dollar industry will function,” said Robert Meyrowitz, president of, a streaming media executive who
organized the group.

“Once we establish a framework for the consistent creation, deployment, and
tracking of streaming media ads, we will have created a highly valuable
medium for advertisers.”

This week’s meeting was attended by the members of the steering committee,
which is split into sub-groups addressing different topics. After working
for the next few weeks, these sub-groups will report back to the steering
committee, which will then determine the next steps.

Steering committee members include: Jon Mandel, managing director of
MediaCom; Natalie Swed Stone, president of National Broadcast Media Web;
Gerard Broussard, senior partner director of Ogilvy One; Nick
Pahade, chief strategic officer of Beyond
; Harvey Goldhersz, president of MediaCom Digital; Coleen
Kuehn, president of; Bill
McCarron, executive director of media for Bell Atlantic; Paul Woods, vice
president of marketing for; Robert
Meyrowitz, president of; and Dave Bialek, vice president of sales

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