Study: Web No Threat to Traditional Media

The heaviest users of the Web are also avid consumers of traditional media —
listening to radio and watching television as they point their browsers to
e-commerce, informational sites and recreational sites, says a new study.

The latest Pathfinder Study released by Arbitron NewMedia found that
the time heavy Web users spend with TV, radio, audio tapes/CDs, newspaper and
magazines exceeds that of light Web users.

“The slightly lower levels of TV viewing among the Web population appear more
related to the income, education and age profile of Web users rather than to
any displacement by Internet use,” said Roberta McConochie, director of
research, Arbitron NewMedia.

“Instead we find that the Web is often used in
conjunction with radio and
television, which points to the possibility of some innovative cross-media
promotion and programming.”

Arbitron is an international media and
marketing research firm serving broadcasters, advertisers and advertising
agencies in the United States and Europe. In the United States.

NewMedia provides survey research, consulting and methodological services to
the cable, direct broadcast satellite, telecommunications, online and new
media industries.

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