Survey: Online Holiday Ads Still Going Strong

Web measurement firm NetRatings said that during the week of Dec. 6, audience ratings indicate advertising on the Web was still going
strong, representing 20 percent of total advertising compared to 29 percent for the previous

Books/CDs had a 19.4 percent reach and showed the largest increase in advertising, up
from 10.6 percent the previous week. Shopping Networks had the biggest decrease, down
16 points from the previous week.

The top 10 holiday advertisers viewed for the week of Dec. 6 were:

  1. Cataloglink–Catalog
  2. Barnes and Noble–Books/CDs
  3. MSN Shopping–Shopping Network
  4. 1800 Flowers–Flowers
  5. Audio Book Club–Books/CDs
  6. Egghead–Computer Products
  7. Classifieds2000–Auction
  9. Compaq–Computer Products

The top 10 banner ads viewed for the week of Dec. 6-12 were:

  1. Ewallet: Type in your name and address ONCE for the rest of your life.
  2. CatalogLink: CatalogLink transforms your den into holiday headquarters.
  3. CatalogLink: Holiday Alert: hundreds of FREE catalogs!
  4. Bonzi Software: Play Talking E-Mail
  5. Bonzi Software: Speed Up Your Internet Connection
  6. Bonzi Software: Speed Boost, Speed Up Your Internet Connection
  7. TABNet: FREE Services with Registration!
  8. FTD Flowers: Win Free Flowers!
  9. 1800 Flowers: Be A Romantic. . .Today
  10. Barnes and Noble: barnesandnoble click

Rankings are based on measurement of Web activity by a representative panel of
over 4,000 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from home.

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