Ten Radio Stations Join NewRadioWorld

Fujitsu’s WorldsAway Products and Services
Group, a developer of virtual communities on the Internet, said that 10 major
FM radio stations have joined its virtual community, NewRadioWorld.

As the first virtual world developed specifically for radio broadcasting,
NewRadioWorld is helping radio stations to leverage the Internet to reach out
to audiences, promote interactivity between stations and audience members, and
expand advertising opportunities.

Radio stations signing up include WRIF in Detroit; KXME in Honolulu; KPTY in
Phoenix; KUBE and KJR in Seattle; and WRQX and WJZW in Washington D.C. In
London, Capital Radio’s Capital FM, Capital Gold and XFM will join
NewRadioWorld in April. Each radio station has format exclusivity in its

Developed jointly with New Radio Star, an online radio industry news source
and subscriber-based morning show service, NewRadioWorld spans a map of the
United States to allow consumers to visit various cities via a virtual bullet
train. Within each city, people can talk to their favorite DJs in a virtual
radio studio, spend time in bars and cafes, listen to radio broadcasts over
the ‘Net, talk to other people, participate in live events, buy products, and
rent apartments.

Each radio station in NewRadioWorld is comprised of a virtual studio with
reception and lounge area where stations can schedule events with their
listeners, including weekend parties, Webcasts, or singles mixers. Current
visit statistics show that NewRadioWorld visitors stay for an average of 3.5
hours per visit and spend 40+ hours per month in-World.

Radio stations can re-sell the advertising space inside their virtual radio
studios to local clients, and can conduct e-commerce there.

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