The Web Ad Always Rings Twice, Part II

GlobalPhone Corp. in Falls Church, VA said it has developed a service called
WebCallback that links a Web site visitor and the company hosting the site by

By clicking on a WebCallback button, the visitor can make
secure transactions, review a site with the host company, ask questions and
obtain answers over the phone.

Companies that use WebCallback are able to host Web pages that immediately
connect their guests, by telephone, to a salesperson or customer service
representative, GlobalPhone said.

By clicking on the WebCallback button and entering a phone number, the link
immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at the company that
owns the site. The company staff person picks up the phone and GlobalPhone
announces that they are being connected to a Web site visitor.

The two
parties are conferenced together and the company staff person can effectively
close the sale or answer the visitor’s questions. The phone calls are placed
within seconds of clicking on the WebCallback hot link, the company said.

International calls and specific phone numbers may be blocked. Security
features ensure that calls are initiated only by authorized sites and made
only to pre-programmed numbers controlled by the GlobalPhone switch.

WebCallback is priced at 16.9 cents per minute, and no other fees apply, the
company said. No other fees apply. Service can be activated within 48 hours,
GlobalPhone said.

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