Timesink Communications, PKWARE Bring Ads to the Desktop

Timesink Communications Inc. and PKWARE Inc. delivered the latest version of PKWARE’s “PKZIP for Windows” with advertising support from the former’s AdGateway.

The companies also announced the first insertion of paid advertising from
@dVENTURE, the interactive division of Venture Direct Worldwide Inc.

“Delivery of PKZIP for Windows with dynamic advertising represents a milestone
for the industry,” said Edwin Miller, Timesink’s vice president for marketing.
“By incorporating the AdGateway technology from Timesink, PKWARE has enabled
entirely new channels of communication between advertisers and PC

“We have already experienced an increase in downloads of our software products as a result of advertising through the AdGateway,” said Bob Gorman, marketing manager for PKWARE. “We expect that peripheral manufacturers and other software developers will derive great benefit by targeting their Internet advertising within the PKZIP application.”

Timesink and PKWARE announced an agreement earlier this year, under which the
company would deliver multi-media advertisements to the PKZIP application. The
AdGateway technology allows developers, like PKWARE, to integrate advertising
capabilities within their applications seamlessly and with a minimum of
development effort. Timesink and @dVENTURE announced an agreement in April
under which @dVENTURE would sell advertising for delivery to Windows
applications through the AdGateway.

The AdGateway delivers dynamic advertising in a variety of industry standard formats to the desktop for display within Windows 95 and 98 applications. Timesink Communications distributes its AdSDK and AdInstant advertising solutions to developers, free of charge, from its Web site.

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