TotalNEWS Offers Ad Solution “Disguised as Content”

TotalNEWS Inc. in Scottsdale, AZ, known for its news search engine technology, launched what it calls the “Headline Ad-Solution.”

The app is a Java-based news style “ticker” designed to broadcast headlines, titles, or page descriptions, across a banner style creative.

The Headline Ad-Solution does not resemble traditional advertising, the company said. By offering real-time information, the advertiser has the opportunity to develop a more meaningful relationship with the target audience, crossing the line between content and advertising.

In fact, the company’s press release used the phrase “Disguised as Content; Innovative Java Banner Delivers Content-Based Advertising.” Today’s Internet types may find that comforting; those who grew up in a traditional journalism environment are likely to cringe.

“New viewers will be much more likely to visit a site because of a strong interest in the content, not just because of a clever banner,” said Floyd Bargy, head of marketing at TotalNEWS.

“This product allows for the further convergence of branding that’s found in most traditional media with personalization that only the Internet can bring,” said Peter Ostrow, senior vice president at Narrowline.

“Customer-centric advertising opportunities are at the center of what the Web does best,” Joe Apprendi, senior vice president for media and promotion at K2 Design Inc., was quoted as saying. “Headline Ad-Solution’s approach gives online marketers a dynamic ad vehicle that can deliver a relevant, current message based on user interaction.”

New headlines rotate at regular intervals within the ticker and link directly to their corresponding content. This unique creative can be customized by the viewer with the use of topic-related “channel tabs,” TotalNEWS said. Headlines are updated automatically as the content changes on the advertiser’s Web site. The content provider can also choose to update headlines manually through an online interface.

Pricing was not disclosed.

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