U S WEST Dex Extends Pact With Adauction.com

U S WEST Dex, operator of Yellow Pages site uswestdex.com, renewed its agreement with online media
marketplace Adauction.com.

The agreement includes three online advertising initiatives. First, to promote its site, Dex will purchase advertising through the auction channel over the next nine months. Second, Dex will begin to purchase inventory from Adauction.com and serve as an exclusive third-party reseller to small and
mid-sized businesses in the company’s region. Third, Dex will continue to provide monthly ad inventory from its site.

Financial details were not

U S WEST’s purchase of ad inventory from Adauction.com for resale will allow
Dex to provide its small- and mid-sized advertisers with geo-targeted ads (ads
that reach only consumers in customer-specified area codes).

Dex says it has more than 1,000 Internet-trained salespeople and
relationships with nearly 500,000 local advertisers.

“Our agreement with Adauction.com is a value-add for Dex and our customers,”
said Jim Smith, president and CEO of U S West Dex. “It will help drive
traffic to our site and help our customers create a bigger and better online
presence for their businesses.”

“Having purchased significant inventory from
Adauction.com, we readily see the benefits of selling through the auction
channel because their model — based on dynamic pricing — works well for us
and meets our customers’ needs.”

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