U S WEST Recruits College Students With Music-Based Web Site

U S WEST is using virtual road
trips and real music at a new Web site called bheard.com, that features an interesting
recruitment advertising approach to introduce college students to job
opportunities at the company.

The site creates an entertaining environment for students to learn about
careers at U S WEST, and to schedule visits with recruiters during upcoming
campus visits.

U S WEST said it incorporated Macromedia Flash and streaming audio from
Spinner.com. The site allows student
to listen to their favorite music (80,000 musical selections in 85
categories) while browsing the site. Bheard.com
introduces technical and non-technical applicants to career opportunities
ranging from engineering to accounting to marketing.

“Bheard.com shows that U S WEST not only develops innovative
telecommunications products and services, it also demonstrates that our
company culture creates a fun and creative work environment,” said Kip
Harrell, director of university relations for U S WEST. “We’ve created an
entertaining, interactive way for students to learn about U S WEST, while
spending time on our site listening to their favorite music.”

In keeping with the music theme, U S WEST designed the site to mimic a concert
tour, with different sections titled “Opening Acts,” “Front Row,” “Tour
Dates,” “Auditions,” “Backstage Pass” and “Virtual Tour.”

In “Opening Acts,” a virtual agent addresses students seeking entry-level
positions. Here, the site describes a variety of entry-level, full-time and
internship opportunities. “Front Row” targets students looking for U S WEST
internship programs. It includes hyperlinks for undergraduate students, while
directing MBAs to the EDGE Program, which offers participants exposure to a
variety of divisions at U S WEST.

For students interested in meeting personally with a U S WEST representative,
the “Tour Dates” section lists upcoming campus visits and dates.

Students unable to attend one or more of the scheduled tour dates can use the
site’s “Audition” section to submit their resume online at any time.
“Backstage” provides information about the company’s medical, dental, pension
and 401(k) plans.

The Virtual RoadTrip is part of a larger program developed by U S WEST to
target college and university students throughout the country. In addition to
bheard.com, this program will also include Internet advertising, career fairs,
on-campus information sessions and interviews, as well as inserts in college

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