Ubarter.com Signs With MWW Group, MWW/Savitt

Ubarter.com signed with The MWW Group and MWW/Savitt to spearhead the
upcoming launch of its e-commerce business-to-business barter site.

MWW/Savitt, the West Coast division of The MWW Group, will provide ongoing
strategic communications counsel and public relations. MWW/Savitt’s parent
company, The MWW Group, will manage a national investor relations program.
Billings were not disclosed.

“Ubarter.com represents an entirely new concept for business-to-business
e-commerce. By leveraging the power of the Internet and utilizing the Ubarter
Dollar, we will enable businesses to sell products and services, achieve
maximum efficiencies and reduce cash outlay,” Steven White, founder and CEO
of Ubarter.com, said.

“MWW/Savitt’s expertise in e-commerce launches, coupled with The MWW Group’s
top-ranked investor relations practice, provides the powerhouse marketing
force to showcase the benefits of Ubarter.com to audiences around the world.”

Bartering at the site is a process by which clients sell products or services
for “trade dollars” and, in turn, utilize these trade dollars on products or
services for which they would otherwise spend cash.

The Ubarter.com site is currently undergoing beta testing and is expected to
launch in early summer. Users will include businesses in a variety of
industries, including media and advertising, travel and entertainment,
printing, hospitality, professional services, healthcare and dining. For
every Ubarter.com purchase, the user pays a small fee.

MWW/Savitt, founded in 1993, is the third-largest public relations firm in
Washington state. Its parent company, The MWW Group, is headquartered in East
Rutherford, NJ.

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