Ultrexx Launches “Knowledge Banner” Ad Technology

Ultrexx Corp. launched its new
“Knowledge Banner” technology, an intelligent interactive banner solution that
contains an embedded knowledge base.

Ultrexx said its technology can be used to create and deploy intelligent,
interactive banners on the Web, customized to suit design needs.

The company said its Knowledge Banners can help customers arrive at the right
solutions to their needs in an interactive manner, within the banner itself.
At the end of each consultation, the user can be given a choice of going
directly to the relevant Web page for detailed information/order placement or
entering an e-mail address to receive more information later by e-mail.

“Knowledge banners will be in the forefront of the emerging ‘Active
Advertisements’ trend on the Internet and will position us as a leader in the
highly profitable and visible market niche of Internet advertising,” said Ram
Menon, CEO of the company. “We are actively negotiating licensing options for
this vital new technology with several key players in the Internet advertising

The company said Knowledge Banners can be used as: smart sales assistants for
product selection and configuration; service assistants for online trouble
shooting and customer support; smart market research assistants for obtaining
customer feedback and customer satisfaction surveys; or as diagnosis/advisory
systems for diagnosis, counselling,
prescriptions and advice.

The profile of each interaction with the banner can be automatically saved in
a database.

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