USWeb/CKS Decides Not to Change Name

Santa Clara, CA-based USWeb/CKS, formed by the merger of the two companies, has decided not to change the name of the company, saying that.
clients, investors and industry experts all have stated the combined name has
strong brand equity.

“The name USWeb/CKS is incredibly powerful and carries tremendous brand
loyalty and equity. This cannot be ignored,” said Tom Suiter, chief creative
officer of the company.

“Over the past couple of months we’ve received considerable input from industry and market analysts, clients, shareholders and employees that our name, USWeb/CKS, is very recognizable as a market
leader and any change might confuse the marketplace,” said Robert Shaw, CEO. “We are focused on
execution and growing our business, and changing our name at this juncture
would introduce unnecessary risk and distraction.”

The company provides a broad selection of services from brand development and
advertising to business process automation and e-commerce solutions.

Separately, the company announced client initiatives recently completed or in
development that include solutions for Levi Strauss & Co., Die Welt,,, SunBank and Go Network, an Internet portal
developed by The Walt Disney Company and InfoSeek.

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