USWeb/CKS Finds a New Home

Santa Clara, CA-based USWeb/CKS has signed a lease to occupy a
four-story building near San Francisco’s Multimedia Gulch.

The company currently employs more than 300 people in three downtown San
Francisco offices and plans to combine these offices into a single building at
410 Townsend St., between Fifth and Sixth Streets.

In addition to consolidating the firm’s San Francisco operations into one
facility, USWeb/CKS will move a core portion of the company’s executive
management team into the Townsend location. When the move is complete some
time this summer, the headquarters address for USWeb/CKS will become 410
Townsend. The company will also retain some of its corporate staff in Silicon

“San Francisco is a booming source for technology and creative talent, which
is critical as we continue to scale over the coming years,” said Robert Shaw,
chief executive officer of USWeb/CKS. “By having a presence in both Silicon
Valley and San Francisco, we hope to strike a balance and tap the best
resources of what the Bay Area has to offer.”

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