VarsityBooks Scores Top Banner Honors

The most clicked-on ad banner for the week ending Sept. 12 was’s ad featuring a
coupon promotion, which had a 9.4% click rate according to Web measurement
firm Nielsen//NetRatings.
The top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, were:

Advertiser Impressions (000) Reach %
TRUSTe 284,504 14.5
Microsoft 155,385 29.5
Amazon 91,548 26.9
Yahoo! 42,162 17.1
SexSwap 41,712 2.3
Red Cross 40,226 11.1
SexTracker 36,337 4.6
AT&T 35,666 14.3
America Online 33,055 15.6<.TD>
CDNOW 30,677 13.8

Impressions reported include house ads.

The top banners viewed, ranked according to reach percent, were:

Advertiser Reach % Creative
GetSmart 4.0 Find: A Loan for Me.
Red Cross 4.0 American Red Cross.
Bonzi Software 3.9 Speed Up Internet Connection
First USA/Microsoft 3.9 Chess Players The World Over Are Joining
The Game Against Kasparov. How About You? 3.5 Save $100 on the HOT RIO MP3 Player. Only
$49.99 with rebate.
eBay 3.4 eBay Visa. Apply now! 3.1 User survey about gun control. Should all
guns be outlawed? Yes, No
Red Cross 2.9 American Red Cross. Earthquake! Click here! 2.8 WIN A Sega Dreamcast System!
Autoweb 2.7 GET A PRICE

Banners may be viewed here. Ad banners
that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property or house ads are not
included in the above.

Rankings are based on audience measurement of people
who have access to the Internet from home. Reach is a measure of the
unduplicated audience that visits a property.

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