Washingtonpost.com Introduces New Brand Identity

Newspaper site Washingtonpost.com launched a
six-month, $6 million campaign that includes radio, television, outdoor,
print and online advertising with a particularly heavy emphasis in the fourth
quarter of this year.

Developed by ADWORKS, the campaign introduces a new
brand identity for the Web site affiliated with The Washington Post
newspaper. It moves washingtonpost.com from its current news positioning to a
more expansive local lifestyle focus.

The message of the advertising is that washingtonpost.com contains everything
you need to live your life better in the greater Washington area.

Television spots use a pulsating high-tech electronic sound accompanied by
stop motion photography of metropolitan Washington area landmarks and scenes
of everyday life.

The voice-over describes site resources with sweeping
statements like “I have more lawyers than Capitol Hill” and then asks the
question, “Who am I?” The spots are tagged, “washingtonpost.com. You live

Television and outdoor launched Oct. 11 and will be followed by supporting
print and radio. ADWORKS clients include Discovery Communications and
Newseum, among others.

“If you are a local resident, you’ll notice this campaign — it is designed
to be everywhere,” said Greg Eckstrom, vice president of marketing for
Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the company that publishes

“It was important to deliver the message to consumers
that washingtonpost.com is different from the newspaper.”

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