Web Advertisers Team for Ad Effectiveness Measurement

Market research firm PC Data
and advertising tracking company Leading Web Advertisers (LWA)
this week partnered to develop a service that helps advertisers gauge the
effectiveness of their campaigns.

The teams are putting together PC Data Online’s sample Internet population
of more than 100,000 home users with LWA’s ad tracking. The intention is to
provide a comprehensive evaluation of how well spending translates to
audience delivery.

“This joint effort responds to one of the primary question of buyers and
sellers of web advertising — how effective is a given advertising
campaign,” says Michael Kubin, a director of LWA.

“The marriage of PC Data Online’s rich audience data with LWA’s invaluable
history with over 23,000 brands has created a measuring tool that we
believe is second to none in the business.”

The new service will be available in the early spring.

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