Web Marketing 98 Scheduled April 23-24

A Thunder Lizard Productions conference entitled “Web Marketing 98: How to
Turn Browsers Into Buyers,” scheduled for April 23-24 in Seattle, WA, takes
a step back from Web advertising and looks at the larger picture.

Web Marketing ’98 will focus on the “whole package,” from e-commerce to
marketing your site for free (or almost free). Keynote speaker will be Lester
Wunderman, the “father of direct marketing” and the founder and former
chairman of Wunderman Cato Johnson.

To get a conference brochure, e-mail [email protected] and include your name, title, organization, and address, or visit the conference Web

Topics include how to drive traffic to your site with search engines,
publicity, ad banners, and e-mail; how to define realistic Web marketing
objectives; how to deliver customized, one-to-one experiences to site
visitors and banner-ad prospects; how to build automated customer-service
systems; how to manage a team of Web professionals; and how to analyze the
results from campaigns and allocate marketing dollars for maximum results.

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