WebConnect Launches Custom Ad Tool

Ad placement service WebConnect launched its
CustomView system, a tool designed to allow online advertisers to adapt their
campaigns for individual Internet users and apply a viewer frequency cap.

CustomView prevents “banner fatigue” by letting advertisers control the number
of times an individual sees the same image by switching to an alternate
graphic after a pre-determined number of visits, the company said.

“The Internet is the most targeted of all direct response mediums, and CustomView is a major
breakthrough that allows advertisers to maximize their return on investment by
creating individualized ad campaigns and testing number of banner views by
individual,” said Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president of WebConnect.

CustomView provides frequency capping throughout the entire Internet, allowing
advertisers to rotate their advertisements based on the number of times an
individual has seen a particular banner, the company said. In addition,
advertisers will be able to change their graphics for special events, such as
holidays or breaking news stories. The service is available at no charge to
advertisers who use WebConnect.

“Because we serve every single advertisement we place, WebConnect has the
flexibility to change banners instantly rather than going to each site every
time we want to update an ad,” Schwedelson said. WebConnect was created by
Worldata, a provider of list marketing and database services for more than 25

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