Takes No. 1 Banner Honors

The most clicked-on ad banner for the week ending Sept. 26, with an 11.2 percent
click rate, was’s ad featuring its
credit card services, according to Web measurement firm Nielsen/NetRatings., a division of First USA Bank, is an online banking
operation. The top site this week for females was, Martha Stewart’s
online merchandising business.

Of those Web surfers visiting the site, 86.2
percent were female, Nielsen/NetRatings said. The top site for males was, an online community.

accounted for 91.1 percent of those visiting the site.
Top advertisers for the week, ranked by banner impressions, were:

Advertiser ImpressionsReach %
TRUSTe227,707 14.0
Microsoft (MSFT) 72,668 26.0
Yahoo! (YHOO) 56,033 21.7
Amazon (AMZN) 42,602 22.2
Next Card (NXCD) 29,605 13.6
America Online (AOL) 23,235 14.9
Barnes & Noble (BNBN) 22,232 11.5
LinkExchange (MSFT) 22,159 4.7
Gateway (GTW) 21,727 12.6
AT&T (T) 21,391 12.4

Impressions reported include house ads, which are ads that run on an
advertiser’s own web property. Top Banners, ranked according to reach percent, were:

Advertiser Reach % Creative
Autoweb (AWEB)5.2 BUY IT; SELL IT
Autoweb 4.9 GET A PRICE
First USA/MSN 4.8 Chess Players The World Over Are Joining The Game
Against Kasparov. How About You?
ShopNow (SPNW) 4.3 Win & SPLURGE. Click for CASH. Up to $50,000
eBay/First USA3.8 eBay Visa, Apply now!
Casino On Net 3.4 Online Gambling. Blackjack, Slot Machines,
Roulette, Video Poker. Play Now? Yes, No
Lowestfare 3.4 So
Lowestfare3.2Sail the high seas at low prices! Click Here.
Lowestfare 3.2 Airline tickets so cheap, even Scrooges will be
clicking! Save 30% on a major airline’s fares.

Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property are not
included in the above figures.
The average click rate for top banners was 0.49 percent.

Rankings are based on audience measurement of people who have access to the
Internet from home. Reach is a measure of the unduplicated audience that
visits a property.

Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings Inc. also said that their at-home
Internet audience sample now has more than 33,000 members under continuous
measurement, as compared to its initial introduction in March 1999 of 6,000

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