Xceed, iMedium Strike Strategic Deal

Web development shop Xceed this week
forged an alliance with iMedium, a
firm that embeds “hotspots” into visual images, to include iMedium’s
technology in its offerings to clients.

The iMedium product, called See!Commerce, allows companies to serve a
targeted advertisement and e-commerce opportunity when a user clicks on
hotspots within pictures. The new information appears in a pop-up browser

The marketing alliance with Xceed will get iMedium’s technology in front of
all of the Web design shop’s clients, and, iMedium hopes, help it gain
traction in the marketplace.

“Partnering with Xceed allows us to introduce our See!Commerce technology
to a large number of prospective Internet customers very quickly,” says
Brian Dooner, founder and president of iMedium.

“Xceed’s extensive client base should benefit greatly from the value that
interactive, embedded e-commerce technology can bring to their sites and to
their overall e-commerce strategy and initiatives.”

So far iMedium has signed Artisan
, the distributors of the Blair Witch Project movie, to
use the technology on the Blair Witch
Web site

The company says it has many other clients in beta, including
the rock band Korn, which is using
See!Commerce to sell clothing on its Web site.

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