to Integrate AdTools Applications

Permission e-mail marketing company signed a deal with AdTools Inc. to integrate its ice9
multimedia technology, featuring DeskShop, into YesMail’s direct e-mail

As a result, yesmail said it will be able to provide marketers the ability to
deliver rich media messages that allow recipients to browse, select and place
products into a shopping cart off-line, prior to linking to the marketer’s
Web site for final purchase.

“With AdTools, is utilizing leading interactive technology to
take e-commerce via permission e-mail to the next level,” said Dave Tolmie,
CEO of Financial arrangements between the companies were not

AdTools’ ice9 product line delivers an interactive multimedia brochure that
incorporates graphics, animation and digital sound within a self-executable
file, requiring no plug-ins or installations to open or view. ice9 allows the
end user to sign up or shop for products and services directly from the

yesmail will also utilize AdTools’ MessageMates technology — e-mailable
windowless desktop cartoons. New YesMail products created with these
technologies can be easily passed along, giving messages “continued life” and
increasing the overall reach for
marketers. These messages can also be tracked through pass-along and
integrated into a single report with initial click through and
Web site conversion data.

The companies will also integrate AdTools’ tracking technology with yesmail’s
eTrack software. This improved tracking will allow yesmail to capture and
analyze new data and integrate it into its reports.

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