802.11a Network Analyzers Hit the Market

AiroPeek and AiroPeek NX from WildPackets, Inc. now have driver support for the Atheros 802.11a 5 GHz wireless NIC adapters. The companies announced Wednesday that AiroPeek network analyzers, which currently support a broad range of 802.11b cards, will now be able to perform the same network analysis functions in the 802.11a 5 GHz spectrum.

AiroPeek is a packet analyzer designed to isolate security problems, decode protocols, and analyze network performance with identification of signal strength, channel, and data rates. AiroPeek NX is the enhanced version of the product, and is scheduled to ship in March. AiroPeek NX offers diagnostics and frame decoding in real-time, during capture, according to WildPackets.

The WildPacket’s products are used in site surveys, security audits, and WLAN network management and troubleshooting.

The Atheros chipset is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11a standard, and is a complete two chip solution fabricated in standard-process digital CMOS. Atheros currently has its chips being used in products by D-Link, Intel, Netgear, Proxim, SMC, and Sony.

Information and specs for the WildPackets’ products are available at the company’s Web site.

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