A Laundry List of BlackBerry Pearl 2 Details

Well, a number of rumors about the upcoming Pearl 2, which might be called the Komet, have hit the Web recently. Put the rumors together and you get the following laundry list of features:

  •  3.2 megapixel camera

  •  Flash improvement and 6x digital zoom

  •  3.5 mm Headset Jack

  •  External microSD slot

  •  SureType device

  •  New keypad technology

  •  240×260 LCD display

  •  Wi-Fi capable

  •  64MB of memory

  •  Streaming media support

  •  4.5 hours of talk time/15 days of standby

  •  Stereo Bluetooth

  •  Windows Media DRM & MTP

  •  New metallic colors

  •  Top and rear loudspeaker port”

  •  Voice Notes enhancements

  •  A new battery door latch

  •  Improved Front Receiver Porting”

  •  Improved Lanyard design

  •  Improved Mic with wind protection

  •  Motion Lock

  •  Improved SIM card holder

  •  High speed USB

  •  Improved mechanical design, and build quality

    That’s a quite a list. Now all we have to do is wait and see what the next round of Pearl 2 rumors will bring. With the mention of Wi-Fi on this BlackBerry, I’m thinking the Pearl 2 – like the original – could make its way to T-Mobile first; as part of the carrier’s upcoming HotSpot @Home service, which is supposed to go nationwide sometime this summer.

    Since T-Mobile HotSpot @Home is based on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology, it can seamlessly switch calls between a Wi-Fi and cellular connection, depending on which is available and most cost effective at a particular moment. So a user can be on a cellular-call, using the minutes from their mobile plan, but when they walk into their home or in range of a T-Mobile hotspot, the call is automatically moved over to Wi-Fi without interruption, saving those minutes and possibly improving reception.

    Sounds perfect for a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry, doesn’t it?

    T-Mobile HotSpot @Home, in trials in Seattle, costs $20 a month on top of your regular cell phone plan. It delivers unlimited voice over Wi-Fi calls from T-Mobile’s more than 8,000 hotspots and your home through a Wi-Fi access point connected to your broadband Internet service. You pay $5 more per month for each additional family member.

    SmartPhoneToday Staff contributed to this story.

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