Agere Ships Home WLAN Kits

Agere Systems said Monday it has started shipping one-box ORiNOCO wireless Internet access and local area networking (WLAN) kits for homes and small businesses.

The kits include all the components necessary to set up a complete 802.11b network, according to the company. Hoping to appeal to home office workers, the kits stress security with 128-bit encryption and virtual private network (VPN) support. The kits also include Agere’s recently-announced installation wizard to simplify installation.

Agere’s ORiNOCO was one of the first commercially-available WLANs based on 802.11b, but they were frequently criticized for confusing installation. The company is offering a variety of kits starting with the one that includes a wireless gateway and access for a single computer. That kit costs $349.

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