Agere Unveils 802.11g Module for Mobile Devices

Agere Systems has announced a small-form-factor 802.11g mobile Wi-Fi module for handheld consumer devices. This embedded system-in-package (SiP) delivers 54 megabit-per-second (Mbps) speeds for PDAs, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Ratified last year, 802.11g is a high speed (54Mbps) wireless networking technology that is backward compatible with the slower 802.11b that is just about everywhere. Both run in the 2.5GHz radio frequency band. 802.11g extends the OSI Model Physical Layer (PHY) of 802.11b from 11Mbps using DSSS modulation to 54Mbps using OFDM (define) modulation.

Measuring 20×29 millimeters, Agere’s SiP module is tailored to the needs of handheld devices for wireless connectivity in homes, businesses and public hotspots. It will be on display at the Computex 2004 trade show being held June 1-5 in Taipei, Taiwan.

According to Agere, the mini-module delivers an extended range of up to 100 meters at 6 Mbits/s.
The module offers a new “deep sleep connected” mode that enables a device to idle at low operating power while retaining an active association to its access point. This standby power mode – the state most often in use by wireless devices – operates at 1.5 milliamps for the entire module.

The company said the module is compliant with the draft IEEE 802.11e specification to meet the quality-of-service requirements for applications including voice over wireless IP and streaming media. The solution will also support the new 802.11i security standard, which is expected to be finalized in June.

The mini-module is currently sampling to customers, and is expected to begin volume production in third calendar quarter 2004. There’s no word on when products with the module might start shipping.

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