Aggregator Decides to GoRemote

GRIC Communications, a provider of remote access services for the mobile users of enterprises, changed its name this week to GoRemote Internet Communications .

The company began life 10 years ago as AimQuest and became GRIC — short for Global Reach Internet Connection, the name of its nework — in 1998

The name change also brings a new logo, naturally, and also a new slogan: “For the everywhere enterprise.” It’s all part of the company’s strategic focus on enterprise customers, a switch it made last year, getting away from working with service providers and carriers to provide roaming.

GoRemote aggregates various types of Internet-based access back to enterprise networks, including dial-up, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Access to these networks is provided through software now redubbed GoRemote Mobile Office. With the new name comes a new user interface described as a ‘clean, modern design’ with contextual controls that change depending on the type of connection used. The software will have new features such as automatic service detection of the types of networks available to the PC, instant access to pre-configured Wi-Fi networks, support for GPRS networks (and even SMS messaging). It will now be available for Pocket PC systems as well.

The company is also launching a broadband virtual private network (VPN) solution called GoRemote Branch Office, guaranteeing performance from a branch office to the corporate network no matter what backbone hardware is used.

The Mobile Office client software supports automatic creation of VPN tunnels for connections with mobile workers.

GoRemote is located in Milpitas, Calif.

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