AirPrism Controls the Handhelds

Mobile management software company AirPrism officially launched its products this week. The Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company is showing the AirPrism Mobility Management Suite (MMS) at DEMOmobile 2003 in La Jolla, Calif.

The software is directed at mission-critical use of handhelds in businesses, according to Bob Vieraitis, vice president of marketing at AirPrism. Particularly in vertical markets. He mentions stock tracking, claims adjustment and prescription writing as examples.

The software suite has several modules that let information technology departments work better with handhelds. The main module is a centralized, Web-based console for managing hardware and software in real-time, across both wired and wireless networks. The “intelligent agent” software on clients will do some management work when the unit isn’t even on the network. The management console can be used to make sure applications and information on the client end are up to date.

Other modules cover security (including securing data when a device is lost or stolen through a remote “lock-down”); auto-recovery of data even after device memory loss, such as when the batteries die; the “Self-Healing and Diagnostic Framework” lets administrators fix problems from afar without the client needing to constantly call a helpdesk to be stepped through a fix.

“When you think of mobile, think as continuous consumption — but that’s only as good as continuous management,” says Vieraitis. That’s why the company’s MMS Intelligent Agent sits on the client running diagnostic and management tasks even when a unit is not on the network. Such routines can be scheduled or triggered by a user. The agent’s “special persistence feature” lets it survive memory loss — it’s what restores a system to the state it was in before any problems.

Also, the MMS framework is extensible, meaning vendors can incorporate third-part tools into it.

AirPrism MMS is available now. Pricing information is available from the company at [email protected]

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