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Mountain View, CA-based AirMagnet, makers of wireless LAN diagnostic tools, this week announced the AirMagnet Laptop Suite. The suite for surveying and managing WLAN sites has different bundles, each including the Windows 2000 or XP-based AirMagnet network analyzer program coupled with a Cisco wireless network interface card.

AirMagnet Laptop uses the same interface as the PocketPC-based AirMagnet Handheld software, but obviously has more screen real estate at its disposal. The software uses a “Smart Screen” technology so some windows are displayed sans scroll bars, showing only the most important information, with up to six charts running at once. Data can be drilled down into to locate specific problems in network performance.

The increased memory available on the laptop also means an increased buffer size so more data frames can be captured for review with the software.

AirMagnet Laptop also supports the 802.1X authentication protocol, so it can be checked for problems with user connections. It builds a real time protocol transaction checklist that detailing how a client workstation failed to authenticate and even provides possible reasons for the error. The software will monitor security for PPTP, L2TP, SSH, and IPsec virtual private network (VPN) tunnels as well.

The basic AirMagnet Laptop set comes with the software and Aironet AIR- PCM352 (with Integrated diversity dipole antennas) for $3,495. The AirMagnet Laptop Pro comes with the software, an Aironet AIR-LMC352 and a removable 2.2 dBi snap-on omni-directional antenna for $3,795.

The AirMagnet Laptop Combo features the laptop software and handheld software, for $4,495 with Aironet AIR-PCM352 or $4,795 with the Aironet AIR-LMC352.

AirMagnet will be adding 802.11a support to the product in December.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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