Analyzer Detects Wireless LAN Security, Performance Problems

AirMagnet, Inc. on Monday announced a new wireless LAN analyzer that includes both performance and security monitoring functions, for 802.11a and 802.11b wireless LANs.

The AirMagnet Duo enables users to manage, troubleshoot and assess the security of both types of wireless LANs from a single screen. The PC-based analyzer detects 30 different types of security problems, including rogue access points, MAC address spoofing and multiple forms of denial of service attacks. A built-in find tool helps users identify the physical location of offending access points.

On a single screen, AirMagnet Duo can display all 14 channels of an 802.11b network and all 12 channels of an 802.11a environment. Users can view up to six charts simultaneously, and drill down into most any element for more information.

On top of its security functions, the product also detects 24 performance-related problems, including hidden nodes, excessive roaming and overloaded access points. AirMagnet Duo can also be used with a global positioning system (GPS) device to perform outdoor site surveys, detect unintended radio coverage and pinpoint the location of WLAN devices, helping users detect unauthorized points of access.

AirMagnet Duo can share data with other handheld and laptop-based AirMagnet wireless analyzers. It is available immediately for $3,495, including a wireless adapter card.

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