Apache Bloodhound Leads Open Source Trac Forward

From the ‘trac this’ files:

For better or for worse, I tend to see a lot of bugzilla on any givenApache Bloodhound day for bug related tracking. Though, I do see a whole lot of Trac, too.

Soon, I hope to see a lot more of a different project though – Apache Bloodhound.

Bloodhound in many respects is a fork of the open source Trac project. Like all other modern projects, it started out as an incubated project in December of 2011 and now is graduating to become a Top-Level-Project.

The graduation of Bloodhound didn’t get officially promoted by Apache’s PR outreach and press until today, though the official graduation occurred on March 20th. Since then a 0.5.2 release of Bloodhound has been issued. That’s right, a graduated project that’s not at a 1.0 milestone. That said, this project already as a sweet online demo (https://bh-demo1.apache.org/) that actually works and gives users a real taste of what Bloodhound is all about.

While I’ve long thought off trac as being a kinda/sorta competitor to bugzilla, Bloodhound is much more. It’s not just about bug/defect tracking but about project management and code development.

“When Bloodhound entered the incubator it was a completely new project, though being built on top of the Trac framework has given it a strong foundation” said Gary Martin, Vice President of Apache Bloodhound in a statement. “Community growth and self-governing to the standards of a top-level project within The Apache Foundation has given the team invaluable experience.” Bloodhound is the second major project that I track (no pun intended) that graduated in March. CloudStack also came out of the incubator last month.

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