Apple Discloses iPhone Service, Battery Replacement Policies

 One of Apple’s most controversial decisions with the iPhone was to include a non-removable battery rather than a replaceable type in the iPhone, just like with the iPod. So unlike with most any other smartphone, users can’t pop in a spare battery should their iPhone run low on juice, for example. But more importantly: What do you do if your iPhone’s Lithium Ion battery starts to fail or, even worse, die?

Apple recently outlined its battery replacement program for when an iPhone is out of Apple’s once-year limited warranty in a FAQ .

Here’s what we learned:

  • Replacing an iPhone’s battery won’t be cheap. It’ll cost $79 plus $6.95 in shipping for a total of $85.95. You may also be subject to local taxes as well.

  • The replacement procedure will erase all data on you iPhone. So be sure to sync it up with iTunes to back up your contacts, photos, e-mail account settings, text messages, etc. before turning it over to Apple.

  • Service takes on average three business days.

  • In the meantime, you can rent a substitute iPhone for an additional $29.

  • Service may not be available if your iPhone has been damaged due to accident or abuse.

    More generally, Apple plans to offer an extended AppleCare Protection Plan for the iPhone sometime this month. It’ll extend coverage by up to two years from the original purchase date, and, as with the iPod, must be purchased while the iPhone is covered under Apple’s one-year limited warranty.

    To get your iPhone serviced after the warranty has expired will set you back $199 for a 4GB iPhone and $249 for the 8GB model.

  • Story courtesy of SmartPhoneToday.

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