At long last, Mozilla Releases Lightning 1.0 Calendar From the ‘Date and Time’ files:

Back in September, I wrote about the pending release of the Mozilla Lightning Calendar. At the time, I had expected the 1.0 release to come out at the end of September – as it runs out I was off by over a month.

But hey, when we’ve all waited years, what’s another few weeks between friends?

Over the course of the beta period, there have been over a million Lightning users and I suspect that the 1.0 nameplate will expand that number dramatically.

It has been very long time since the has been a 1.0 calendar from Mozilla, you’d have to go all the way back to the Mozilla/Netscape Suite when there was integrated mail to even come close. The 1.0 number however isn’t really about product quality though, it’s about Mozilla developers drawing a line in the sand and finally declaring the milestone.

In the era where many people rely on cloud based calendars like Google Calendar, I personally think that Lightning represents a breath of fresh air. Lightning (like most modern calendars) can and will share data with Google Calendar. It’s not quite as seamless as it could be, but there is a decent help page to guide users through the process.

And for those of you that were not part of the first million users of Mozilla Lightning, check out this Mozilla video that will fill you in on what you’re missing.


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