Big Data Goes Upscale in Cloudera Enterprise 4

This week, Cloudera updated its core open source CDH 4 (Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop) and Cloudera Enterprise platforms. The new releases provide more security and scalability than prior releases, according to Cloudera.

CDH 4 is an open source collection of all the required components that enables a Hadoop Big Data deployment. Omer Trajman, vice president, Technology Solutions at Cloudera explained that with new high-availability features, Hadoop can now be used for mission-critical deployments.

One of the new high-availability features is a hot standby feature for NameNode in the HDFS (Hadoop File System). There is now also support for heterogeneous clusters, so enterprises can mix and match Hadoop versions as they scale up.

Sitting on top of CDH is the Cloudera Enterprise 4 release, which includes management capabilities for Hadoop. One of the new capabilities comes in the form of visualization with heatmaps that provide a view of health and status across  Hadoop cluster metrics.

“It gives you a high-level view from which you can drill down to solve any operational issues within the system,” Trajman said.

Another innovation is support for federated NameNode management for Hadoop. With that capability, Trajman said an enterprise can grow a CDH cluster into tens of thousands of nodes to store billions of files.             

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