Broadcom XLP900 Scales Compute to 1.28 trillion Operations per Second

The XLP900 multi-core CPU family is a MIPS-based solution that can scale up to 1.28 trillion operations per second of compute performance. The XLP900 has multiple target market verticals, including wireless infrastructure, storage, and security applications.

Chris O’Reilly, senior director of Broadcom’s Processors & Wireless Infrastructure Business, explained that each processor has up to 80 nxCPUs on it. O’Reilly explained that an nxCPU is about threading, with four or more nxCPUs per processor core. The top-end XLP900 chip has 20 cores on the chip.

“Each nxCPU has the ability to operate independently of the other to reserve the memory cache and issue instructions as it sees fit,” O’Reilly said. “It acts like a core, but it does re-use some of the core elements of core0 on the silicon

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