Buffalo’s Latest 11g, 11n Products

Buffalo Technology today announced two new home networking routers, the AirStation Wireless-N Nfiniti Router (WZR2-G300N), which support the latest 11n draft from the IEEE in 2.4GHz only, and the AirStation Wireless-G High Speed Router (WHR-G125).

They also both have new, flat case designs in contrast to Buffalo’s usual stand-up look. The 11n (below) features a black chassis with triple external antennas extending from the left side; the 11g is white with a single external antenna on the right. Both will support the AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS), which should be compatible with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) scheme from the Wi-Fi Alliance (though they don’t say for sure — only that the products support standard WPA encryption). Both have a four-port 10/100 auto-sensing switch for the wired side, but no Gigabit Ethernet (that’s reserved for the Nfiniti Dual-Band products). What makes them unique? Each has an external toggle button to turn them from a full router to a simple access point and back again.

The company is touting the 11n unit as working seamlessly with the Nintendo DS handheld’s integrated Wi-Fi. It costs $99 at retail. The Wireless-G unit will cost almost half that, at $49. They should ship in May.

Also new in May will be two Wireless-G High-Gain USB 2.0 Adapters (models WLI-U2-SG54HG and WLI-U2-G54HG). Both are priced at $49. One has an omni-directional antenna and uses suction cups to attach to a desktop or laptop PC. The other has a directional antenna and an integrated signal strength locator bar. The higher gain allegedly connectivity at delivers 1,600 feet from the access point. Both get their power from the USB port, so there’s no extra power cable in the way.


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