Cedexis Expands Cloud Availability Visibility

End-user experience with cloud computing services varies widely over time and over different geographies. Cedexis Radar aims to make sense of it all.

The cloud is an amorphous technological construct with varying degrees of performance and availability, depending on the location and the network of the end user. That’s where the Cedexis Radar cloud app performance and benchmarking service comes into play, providing users with visibility into cloud availability and performance metrics.

Marty Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Cedexis, explained to eWEEK that his company is now expanding the scope of its monitoring business to provide a more comprehensive view into cloud services delivery. The Cedexis Radar service is now being enhanced with improved data visualizations and alerts that enable users to compare multiple aspects of cloud availability and performance, including page load times.

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Cedexis Expands Cloud Availability Visibility

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