Cirond Releases Final Betas of WiNc Clients

Cirond Technologies
Wednesday announced the availability of gold betas of its connectivity-finding
WiNc products for Pocket PC and Windows.

WiNc and pocketWiNc are universal 802.11 connectivity clients that support a
wide range of PC and CF WiFi cards, and computers and Pocket PCs with built-in
WiFi support. The clients automatically detect Wi-Fi networks and allow users to
establish ad-hoc networks without an access point.

Cirond, of Scottsdale, Ariz., said that WiNc enables users to set up profiles
that enable automatic connection and WEP key configuration to frequently-used
networks. The clients also enable enterprises to standardize on a single Wi-Fi
client rather than having to support multiple manufacturer-specific clients. In
addition, the clients also support the various network management functions of
Cirond’s upcoming WiLan Manager Wi-Fi network management product.

“WiNc sets a new industry benchmark for Wi-Fi connectivity tools,” said
Nicholas Miller, president and CEO of Cirond Technologies. “Instead of simply
connecting to the first network it sees, WiNc shows you what wireless networks
are available, gives you information such as signal strength and WEP status, and
puts you in control of initiating a connection.”

The company said the final version will ship within the next two weeks and
will be $19.95 a copy, with discounted pricing available for site licensing.

Reprinted from allNetDevices.

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