Cisco nLight Optimizes 100 Gbps Transport

The new CRS Elastic Core Solution, delivers better 100 Gbps performance than prior solutions from Cisco with enhanced programmability. The technology behind the programmability is known as nLight and it is closely tied to Cisco’s Open Network Environment (ONE), SDN strategythat was announced in June.

“As part of Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) we discussed the importance of having bi-directional multi-layer programmability across various layers,” Sanjeev Mervana, senior director, Products and Solutions, Service Provider Group, told InternetNews. “nLight leverages the same framework to offer this essential multi-layer programmability between the IP and optical layer.”

As an example, Mervana explained if a financial customer is seeking a very low latency path to connect to an alternate site, nLight provides programmability through its ability to extract data between network layers to identify low latency optimal paths. Based on this information, nLight can compute and setup these paths.

Without nLight, there isn’t as much visibility into both the optical and IP layers. As such, Mervana noted that service providers end up over provisioning both IP and optical layers and allocate stranded unnecessary bandwidth to ensure availability.

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Cisco Brings Programmability to 100G

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