Cisco XNC vs. OpenDaylight

Cisco is one of the leading contributors and members of the OpenDaylight initiative, which is run as a Linux Foundation collaborative project. In fact, Cisco’s contribution to OpenDaylight ranks as the company’s largest open-source contribution ever.

“OpenDaylight is the way that we participate with the industry in an open standards-based consortium to insure that together we move towards a world with interoperability, hardware and software separation,” Rob Soderberry, SVP and GM, Enterprise Networking at Cisco, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Soderberry explained that with OpenDaylight, APIs can be defined, but it’s not always clear if it will work without a full-reference implementation of an entire stack. That’s where Cisco’s Extensible Network Controller (XNC) comes into play. XNC is Cisco’s reference implementation of the OpenDaylight stack.

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