Company Intros 802.11 MP3 for Automobiles

Zandiant Technologies today announced that it will introduce and demonstrate an MP3 player that downloads files to a vehicle using 802.11 technology. It will show the new technology at its hospitality suite across from the LA Convention Center in conjunction with the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show.

Zandiant described it as an automotive aftermarket product that is designed to move MP3 files from a desktop PC to a car via WLAN. An inherent benefit of this type of transfer that the company highlighted is the solid state storage of the files – which benefits often harsh automotive environments.

The company explained that the new device will be similar to any aftermarket CD changer in terms of installation and connection. Zandiant also claimed that it minimized cost and complexity by leaving out any unique user interface for the MP3 files.

The files can be transferred over 802.11 even when the vehicle is turned-off and parked, according to the company. The device activates only for the download period.

Zandiant plans to release the product this year but stated that it will demonstrate the device specifically in order to gain key market feedback and improve the product as much as possible prior to rollout.

Zandiant Technologies was spun-off from Clarion Co., Ltd., in February 2001.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of

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