Corinex Delivers Data, Video, and Voice

According to Corinex Communications, its Corinex NetGate
Technology Suite has until now been a “last mile” 802.11b-based access
technology. The addition of powerline adapters (a build-in PCI card, or an external USB or Ethernet device) should
now enable the extension of a network to electrical outlets within connected

The company says that NetGate is an ideal solution to hook up computers,
printers, digital cameras, displays, measurement and monitoring equipment, voice
over IP phones for home offices, small office complexes, shopping centers,
hospitals, multi dwelling units (MDUs), apartment buildings, school campuses,
and small to midsize hotels.

Corinex’s integrated NetGate solutions are designed to support the
distribution of data, video, audio and voice from any last mile distribution
point which has a satellite, fiber optics, cable, or telephone wire connection
to a service provider, and then share that connection through the target
building’s electrical system.

The availability of Ethernet, Wireless (802.11b), Serial, and USB
interfaces in the Corinex Link device (point to point or point to multipoint),
as a subset of the NetGate system, should offer options for all the ports used
for network communications equipment within buildings and create a connection
from each electrical outlet to the outside world.

For the powerline communications element in the system, Corinex uses the HomePlug
standard 1.0.1, which is based upon the Intellon chipset and delivers up to 14 Mbps

Corinex says its “PowerNet Management Software” enables ISPs to control
entire networks. The software is designed to recognize each Corinex device on
the network and manage these devices from any remote location within the
network. In combination with billing software (also available from Corinex),
service providers should be able to monitor usage and throughput, and run
networks in an optimal fashion, resulting in increased revenue and reduced
service costs.

Availability and pricing
Corinex Intelligent
adapters (PCI, Ethernet, USB) are available at $74.50 each for a minimum order
quantity of 25 units for resellers.

Corinex Open Powerline Management Software is available at $120 for each 25
Corinex Intelligent PowerLine adapters.

Corinex Smart Link is available at $797 for resellers.

Corinex Link is available at $1,109 for resellers.

Corinex PowerLine Wireless software is available at $650.

Reprinted from ISP-Planet.

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